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If you are not familiar with Arca Swiss camera support system please read article: Arca-Swiss (Arca-Type) Systems Explained at It will let you understand how system works, what will you need to get started or what should be next on your shopping list. Side also have some independent review products currently on the market. You can also visit my blog for more great ideas,  how to $ave and  new product information's. Review of my products can be also found at


New Hejnar Photo Quick Release 16.00 inch rail with captive style slots. 5/8 (0.625) inch thick. Engraved metric scale for references. It is the best quick release system for tripods and monopods when combined with Arca style ball head and clamps. This plate is designed to work with variety of ARCA TYPE quick release systems.

Rail can be used as:

  • Macro Rail
  • Lens Plate
  • Need to put more light through an umbrella in the studio MPR will do.
  • NODAL slide to eliminate parallax (combine with clamp )
  • Long lens support, ( in combination with lens support bracket)


  • 16.00 inch long
  • 1.5 inch wide
  • 5/8 inch thick.
  • Weight 8 oz (226g).
  • Metric scale.
  • Hole in front for lens support or other accessories. (1/4-20 tap hole)
  • Three captive style slots.
  • Plate incorporates a double-dovetail.
  • Two safety stops. This prevents free fall when the clamp is not fully closed. (M3 screws)
  • Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum.
  • Made in USA
  • Black hard coat anodized.
  • Two 1/2 inch screws. Screw will be about 0.3 above plate surface. If you are planning of using plate with blind hole please check dept of it. You may need shorter screw.

Auction Includes:

  • One 16.00 inch plate.
  • Two 1/4-20 ½ inch captive style screw.
  • Two M3 screws attached to the plate.
  • Hex key for ¼-20 screw and M3 screw.
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